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woo hoo

1) What is your name? karina

2) Where are you from? dominican republic

3) How old are you? 18

4) What do you think are your best qualities? my creativity and everything that comes with it...

5) What is one thing you can NOT live without? my heart?? :O jk.. umm well it have to be the love... I need to be loved, without love life is worthless also I'm not too materialist I can adapt myself to changes..

6) Who is your best friend and why? mom and dad... haha yea they are there when I need them and they want the best for me...

7) Why are you interested in joining a rating community? just for fun... and know more people

8) What kind of music do you like? hardcore, trip-hop, acid jazz, rock in general, 80's music, indie, electronic, ambient... etc I love music I like almost everything.

9) If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be and why? johnny depp! of course, because he is one of the most interesting persons that I've seen...

10) 5 words to describe yourself: smiles, passion, friendly, creative, confident

11) What do you think about teen drinking? If they don't drink to get drunk its ok... I hate those drunkards kids! arrghh

12) Teen Drugs? drugs are so fucking bad... you lose yourself and you think you can handle it but no! you are just fucking yourself up!! its bad bad bad... I'm really fucked up, I start to do weed like a month ago and I realized yesterday that I was losing myself I thought I had it on my hands and I get in troubles with my dad (he don't even know that I was on it)... and with some of my friends... the thing is that you feel so cool with them and then you live for them and theeen! you are all fucked up cuz you can't live without them! (sorry if im being lame its just that I'm really mad with the things that are happening to me)

13) abortion? I'm pro-choice if a baby gonna fuck your life... but if you going to get an abortion every time that you have sex and you mess it up bleh... you sux

14) George Bush? bad, bad, bad PERSON :S... he's killing million of innocents with he's decisions

15) Do you play/watch any sports? I'm a professional swimmer hahaha... I do yoga and pilates... and I enjoy football too

16) Anything interesting about yourself you think we should know? well I like to make cool icons and banners, stamps and all those things... also I'm a photographer

17) Secret talents? super ninja punch also people say I'm a good cooker :P

18) What do you aspire to do in your life? be an amazing graphic designer and maybe a national geographic photographer awwww :)

19) Why should we accept you? cuz I going to be a really good member

20) Promote this community in at least 3 other journals/communities. and post the links to them in your application
21) Provide us with at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself. one of them must have a clear view of your face. and the rest are up to you.

well this is dark... but I'm just playing my bass there :)
ps sorry about my spelling I'm just learning english :O
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