Camille (cupies34) wrote in cuddley_cuties,


1) What would you like us to call you
2) Where do you reside?
3) Do you think teen drinking is bad?
-I got a fake ID tho! No, teen drinking is bad but i still do it.
4) What about drugs?
-Ive done them before.
5) Have you ever been arrested?
6)If you had to place yourself under a stereotype what would it be?
7) What is the one thing in the world you can NOT live without?
-My teddy bear
8) Who is your best friend and why?
-Keara McVicker, I can tell her everything. We have the best times together, we get along great. We are so close.
9) what 5 words would you use to describe yourself?
10) What makes you think you should be part of the commmunity?
-I can promote, make banners and vote!
11) What are your views on George Bush?
-I do not follow up on politics and government. Shot me. I just find the subject boring. But I do think that Bush should just put the old cowboy hat and head back to the ranch.
12) What about abortion?
-Depends on the circumstances. If you were raped it is an option. If it was unexpected pregnatcy that you do not want, there is always adoption.
13) Do you enjoy sports? if so which ones?
14) What kind of music do you life?
-You can catch me listening to anything, from Kenny Chesney to Twista. My music rang (and files) are hudge.
15) who can you best relate to?
-Keara, my best friend. I think that we have spent so much time with each other that we are clones of each other. Lots of my friends agree and say the same thing. I also relate to her because we have the same family problems. We get the same grades and have intrest in the same boys (which can some times cause problems haah)
16) if you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be?
-I would meet Marlin Monroe, shes so classy

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