Ashley to the Lynne' Revely (dying_slowly) wrote in cuddley_cuties,
Ashley to the Lynne' Revely

1) What would you like us to call you (can be a name, a nickname, a name you always wished you had...) Ashley Lynne', I love my name
2) Where do you reside? Ashland, KY
3) Do you think teen drinking is bad? No, I think if you are responsible, it doesn't really matter
4) What about drugs? Same as the above answer
5) Have you ever been arrested? Nope :]
6) If you had to place yourself under a stereotype what would it be? Bully.
7) What is the one thing in the world you can NOT live without? Music
8) Who is your best friend and why? Bobbi, she's so much like me and accepts my craziness.
9) what 5 words would you use to describe yourself? loud, crazy, goofy, fun, cool
10) What makes you think you should be part of the commmunity? I don't know, I'm here, I think that's why.
11) What are your views on George Bush (back yourself up a lil)? I don't like him. His views on gay marriages and imperalistic ideals bother me.
12) What about abortion? Pro-choice, it's not our decision to choose the right path for others.
13) Do you enjoy sports? if so which ones? No, can't say I do.
14) What kind of music do you life? Alkaline Trio, The Faint, The Cure, Matchbook Romance, Ima Robot..
15) who can you best relate to? My parents.
16) if you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be? Martin Luther King Jr.

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