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Application thingybobber

1) What is your name? Stephanie Elizabeth

2) Where are you from? Virginia, USA

3) How old are you? 17

4) What do you think are your best qualities? physically, my eyes, personality-wise, I love making people smile.

5) What is one thing you can NOT live without? My best friend April. So the thing would then be alled a she. And did I mention my C button is getting stuck?

6) Who is your best friend and why? Haha. That would be April. I met her through a mutual friend, and we clicked. It's almost like we can read eachothers thoughts. She's so great. We can finish eachothers sentences, and she's always there when I need her. And she can always tell when I'm upset, even when I hide it. (And I'm DAMN good at hiding it.)

7) Why are you interested in joining a rating community? Just wanted to see if I could meet the standards of complete strangers. ^_^

8) What kind of music do you like? I LOVE rock and roll. But I LOVE metal too. Like Cradle of Filth and Pantera. Don't get me wrong. I also like Melissa Etheridge's "I'm the Only One" and the Cd 'Elton John's Greatest Love Songs' (it has Circle of Life ^_^), and I LOVE the Moody Blues, and I like Avril Lavigne's 'My Happy Ending', and Green Day is awesome (well, everything BEFORE American Idiot. Former punk switching tunes to alternative = sounds bad.) and and and. Well, I have a very WIDE range of music likes. So I guess I'll stop here.

9) If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be and why? If I didn't have to worry about being maimed or shot on sight, Adolf Hitler. I would interview him, I suppose. I would just really like to know what the CCRAP was he thinking?!?! You can't take over the world by killing Jews!!! You kill Asians! There's more of them! -No seriously, I'm joking. :) But I would like to understand his twisted train of thoughts.

10) 5 words to describe yourself: quick witted, short (as in my height), well-read, open-minded, and friendly

11) What do you think about teen drinking? it really really sucks. Can't stress that enough. I don't even think I can express how much it sucks because I don't think I possess the correct words for it. I've lost way too many loved ones to drinking. All under 18.

12) Teen Drugs? If you want to kill yourself, feel free? Doingd drugs is like sticking the barrel of a gun down your throat and pulling the trigger. Only a little less messy. I think all drugs should just... disappear. Except drugs used in medicine. Those are nice. Well, not nice. But. Necessary?

13) abortion? I'm pro-choice. if a woman is raped, or having the baby would kill her, she should have the choice of getting an abortion. It shouldn't be some sick form of birth control. I don't agree with abortions after 4 months of pregnancy though. It's a womans body, and what grows inside of her is her own business.
14) George Bush? I don't like him, but it would be stupid to change presidents in the middle of a war. Especially considering how different Bush and Kerry's views were. Everything would have gone to hell if Kerry had won the elections. Bush started the war, so he needs to finish it.

15) Do you play/watch any sports? I played soccer for 8 years, and was a cheerleader all through middle school. (Yes, even with my long black hair, heavy eyeliner, and pale pale skin.)

16) Anything interesting about yourself you think we should know? I LOVE cats. I have three. And I have a cute little albino mouse named Munch. She's VERY cute.

17) Secret talents? I um... can read upside down? Heh. Oh, I know! I can flip my eyelids inside out! I know that's SO middleschool XD, but it's true. I haven't done it since 6th grade? XD

18) What do you aspire to do in your life? I want to be an interior designer or fashion designer. Til I get a masters degree in one of those, I'm going to do cosmetology.

19) Why should we accept you? Well, because I'm colorful, I'm generally cheerful (even when I'm thinking negatively), and um. I like communites? And my name is Stephanie. Which you can turn into cute nicknames like: Effy, Steffy, Stephiekins, The Effinator, Eff Steff, Steffy Effy and um. Anie? XD

20) Promote this community in at least 3 other journals/communities. and post the links to them in your application
http://www.livejournal.com/community/pimpmycommunity/ (this last community requires all posts have comments be disabled, so I couldn't link to the comments page, but it's in there.

21) Provide us with at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself. one of them must have a clear view of your face. and the rest are up to you.

just felt like taking a picture of my eye. I actually like it, lol.

I hate that last picture of me, but everyone else seems to love it, so.


And then the stinkin' computer CRASHES on me. o.O;;
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