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1) What is your name? Phoebe
2) Where are you from? London
3) How old are you? 16
4) What do you think are your best qualities? I listen well, and I know how to have fun.
5) What is one thing you can NOT live without? My "you rebel" foundation from benefit.
6) Who is your best friend and why? My next door neighbour, Jenny, I've known her since I was two, and she's my Carrie.
7) Why are you interested in joining a rating community? Curiosity.
8) What kind of music do you like? I like everything as long as I like the song itself. I'm not so much of a metal girl.
9) If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be and why? Sarah Jessica Parker. Not only am I obssessed with Sex and the City, I really want to know how she manages to wear those shoes without dying.
10) 5 words to describe yourself: Tempestuous, Bubbly, Opinionated, Wacky, Daft.
11) What do you think about teen drinking? I'm divided. With the ones who manage to be responsible when drinking, I think it's fine, but there are that huge majority who aren't mature enough to handle it properly. But then again, it's the same with adults.
12) Teen Drugs? Bad and Stupid! Also really unattractive. If you need a reason not to do drugs, meet my friend mark - he almost has no brain at all now.
13) abortion? I suppose this is where I tell you I'm on of those annoying humanitarians, huh? That and an enviromentalist :P. There was an article in the papers today which showed that in 13 weeks a foetus is kicking and yawning which has confirmed my opinion - Abortion is killing.
14) George Bush? Fuckwit.
15) Do you play/watch any sports? Self confessed couch potato here.
16) Anything interestign about yourself you think we should know? Umm... not really... I'm bisexual?
17) Secret talents? I'm reeaally double jointed, I can pick up my leg and bend in around my back so the back of my knee is resting on my shoulder and twist my hand 360* so my elbow bends the opposit way... it's gross, I know.
18) What do you aspire to do in your life? I'd love to be a theatricle makeup artist. Not the ones that make people look pretty, but effect makeup that makes people look old, or bruised.
19) Why should we accept you? Because annoying as I am, you love me, you know you do.
20) Promote this community in at least 3 other journals/communities. and post the links to them in your application buffy_motion, hp_stillness, wild_dreamer

The Photos

It could have been arty, but it leaned more to "wave to the camera!"

"welcome to the hellmouth" (buffy, season 1)

I call it ze pig in ze hair-cage!

me and an orange curtain... oh yes.

me and jenny, my bestest of buddies.

ditto. j me, me j.
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