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1) What would you like us to call you (can be a name, a nickname, a name you always wished you had...)Jamie or anything you can make out of that. Merz, Jamerz, jay, mimi, etc. Im called em all.
2) Where do you reside? Reno, nevada. Blah.
3) Do you think teen drinking is bad?In moderation no, but when things get out of hand and people are acting stupid, then yes. Drunk driving, um yea, that's completely stupid at any age.
4) What about drugs? Well, i can't really judge something I've never done. obviously they are bad to your health, but again i think weed is used so frequently that no one even cares anymore. I haven't used, but thats not to say i won't ever. Ya know?
5) Have you ever been arrested? Nope.
6) If you had to place yourself under a stereotype what would it be? Well my lil sis says my style is preppy altho i listen to like all rock music. Hmm... a preppy rocker? Haha i like that.
7) What is the one thing in the world you can NOT live without? Music, its the only thing that can explain how you feel no matter what you're feeling.
8) Who is your best friend and why? Valerie. We've been best friends for 5 yrs. There used to be 3 of us until one other went to a different high skewl and treated us like dirt afterwards. Wench. Ok but yea, shes been there with me thru thick and thin. I wouldn't trade her for the world.
9) what 5 words would you use to describe yourself? Friendly, sweet, caring, loving, crazy
10) What makes you think you should be part of the commmunity? Id be a good addition because im a mod of another community [Unknown LJ tag] and i know how things work in these things. Plus, i like meeting new people and i get along well.
11) What are your views on George Bush (back yourself up a lil)? I have no taste for the man. I am fully against his mixing religion with politics and his blatent disregard for people's feelings. He only cares about money, of which coincidentally hes using and sending us into the worst debt of, um, forever!? The bottom line, is that you shouldn't have someone so ignorant in office. He got the job because of daddy, im convinced of it.
12) What about abortion? Im prochoice. I used to be on the fence and then prolife, but ive decided this; its your life, your body, and you have to live with whatever you choose. It just isnt MY choice.
13) Do you enjoy sports? if so which ones? I used to play soccer, and that was fun. But ive always liked to watch gymnastics, ice skating, some basketball/baseball/football. Hey, when you're with the boys, what are you to do?
14) What kind of music do you life? ROCK! Thats what i prefer, but ill listen to anything from josh groban to linkin park. Yay.
15) who can you best relate to? My mom. Sometimes i think im a clone. We've gone thru so many of the same things. Plus, shes always there, always strong, even thru the single parent times.
16) if you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be? Marilyn Monroe. That woman changed the face for women everywhere. She was a beautiful plus size woman. And its too bad we don't see things that way now. People are too judgemental.


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