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Are YOU the weakest link? [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Oct 2005|04:44pm]

[ mood | bored ]

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[16 Mar 2005|05:51pm]


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appy =) [03 Dec 2004|01:12pm]

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Application thingybobber [18 Nov 2004|03:37am]

[ mood | amused ]

and to THINK, I had this thing almost finished, well thought out and everything.Collapse )

And then the stinkin' computer CRASHES on me. o.O;;

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New. [18 Jul 2004|11:54am]


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woo hoo [05 Jul 2004|02:19pm]
[ mood | sad ]

yeah push it!!Collapse )

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application [04 Jul 2004|03:39am]

[ mood | cold ]

well i'm a wreck.Collapse )

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~*cuddley_cuties*~ [04 Jul 2004|03:52pm]


oh my god! i forgot to lj cut it!

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~*cuddley_cuties*~ [04 Jul 2004|03:39pm]


The Application

1) What is your name? Jacqueline Melanie

2) Where are you from? Malaysia

3) How old are you? 19 years old

4) What do you think are your best qualities? I keep secrets and won't let it out to anyone

5) What is one thing you can NOT live without? My cellphone

6) Who is your best friend and why? There are three of them. They understand me best.

7) Why are you interested in joining a rating community? To share opinions on stuff with other users

8) What kind of music do you like? I listen to all kinds of music but not jazz

9) If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be and why? My grandparents. I want to tell them that I love them a lot

10) 5 words to describe yourself: Slim, small, chinese look, dark brown eyes, shoulder length hair

11) What do you think about teen drinking? Nothing is wrong here if you know what are you doing and also your resposibility

12) Teen Drugs? This is sad. I think it'll do no good on teens

13) Abortion? I don't think it is wise enough to abort any soul because they do deserve to live. Killing is the greatest sin and besides, who are we to simply kill? If one knows that she will go through abortion when she gets pregnant, be sure to have taken early pre-caution steps

14) George Bush? No idea

15) Do you play/watch any sports? Taekwondo martial art

16) Anything interesting about yourself you think we should know? I laugh REALLY loud

17) Secret talents? Not that I know

18) What do you aspire to do in your life? To be a successful designer

19) Why should we accept you? Because I'm active in communities and would love to share opnions about stuff with the other users

20) Promote this community in at least 3 other journals/communities. and post the links to them in your application. prettyasians , hot_lyke_whoa , gorgeous_x

21) Provide us with at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself. one of them must have a clear view of your face. and the rest are up to you.

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New. [29 Jun 2004|10:55am]

A P P L I C A T I O NCollapse )
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new! [28 Jun 2004|08:19pm]
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cows go.. [21 May 2004|10:06pm]

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[06 May 2004|07:25pm]



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Newness [06 May 2004|09:31am]

[ mood | lazy ]

heya, check it out!Collapse )

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[03 May 2004|10:18pm]
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[01 May 2004|09:56pm]

By The way the first few members are pretty much guarenteed exceptance because i really need members!
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[01 May 2004|09:27pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Thanks For looking at this community. Who will be the lucky soul to post first. Read the info for requirments! please help pass this community name around. Because members of this community will also be able to join a different community of mine in a matter of days, once i get it up and running. and also, if anyone could give me help with the layout that would be awesome! thanks!! :-)

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